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I grew up always looking forward to the times when my family could go on a vacation. It didn’t matter where we were going, I just enjoyed exploring a new destination and making memories together. As an adult, I have grown to enjoy planning for trips almost as much as actually taking the trip itself. 

One of my favorite places to travel with my husband is New York City. We are both music teachers and enjoy all of the music and theatre options available when we visit NYC. We love to explore the city, visit museums, tourist attractions, visit historical sites, and try different foods. 

As a family with two young girls, we have loved the ease of traveling to Disney and not having to worry about car seats when we stay on site at Disney. My husband and I took our oldest to Disney World when she was three and I remember him looking at me and saying, “I get why people travel here frequently”. What we thought might be our once in a lifetime trip has turned into a destination that my family has looked forward to visiting again and again. The experience that you get at Disney is full of magic, wonder, and lots of pixie dust! I can’t even begin to count the number of ways cast members at Disney have gone above and beyond to make our family feel special while on our vacation.

I love the ways we connect with each other more deeply when we travel, and always think back on our travels with so much appreciation for that time together and memories made. I always think, “You never regret a trip, just the ones you don’t take”. So take the trip, make the memories, and let me help you plan that seamless vacation!


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